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“Our work is truly goal-oriented with flexible working hours” - Snigdha Singh

Meet Snigdha Singh, Full Stack Software Developer at SettleMint.

What has been your most rewarding experience so far? 

  • Working with a great team - who are positive, supportive, and always striving to improve! 
  • Exposure to relevant problems which improved my decision-making skills early on in my career.
  • Interaction with the open source community - we focus our energy on building new creative tools. We use existing open source tools which served as an entry point into the vast community of open source for me! 

1589236110197What has been your biggest challenge during that time?

I was working in a different timezone, along with being in college during my first few months as an intern. The team has always done everything to ensure no matter what the timezone, I always got the support I needed. Our work is truly goal-oriented with flexible working hours, so I was able to manage college and work very well.


Snigdha-1What are the top three things you'd want other candidates to know about SettleMint?

  • The work is just really fun. you have the opportunity to be truly full-stack, from CSS to K8s and smart contracts, you can work on anything (and everything) that interests you; 
  • you can suggest ideas or tools for improvements anytime, and we incorporate improvements really fast (no waiting for weeks, sometimes even before the end of the day!); 
  • you will be working with people who have the deep technical expertise and are happy to share knowledge to build and grow together.


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