Enterprise blockchain to play a pivotal role in creating a sustainable future

Companies are turning to enterprise blockchain-based solutions to meet environmental sustainability goals as well as business demands.   ... Continue

How Blockchain Can Help Dismantle Corruption in Government Services

The OECD estimates 10-30% of the investment in publicly funded construction projects may be lost to corruption Blockchain could increase the fairness and efficiency of government systems, while reducing opportunities for corruption; Blockchain could improve the transparency and disclosure of procurement processes, investment in which can be lost to corruption; The emerging technology can also enhance property and land registry systems, streamlining lengthy processes and protecting people's rights. ... Continue

What Traditional Finance Can Learn from DeFi

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Podcast met Roderik van der Veer, CTO van SettleMint

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Blockchain-backed food supply chain management solves the problem

Blockchain tech provides opportunities for progressive food enterprises to be more competitive and contribute to sustainability measures. Food supply chain management, or FSCM, has long been put forth as ... Continue

Centralized data management hampered the global response to COVID-19

Blockchain-supported decentralization has a chance to improve the difficulties for pharmaceutical and life sciences supply chains. The COVID-19 outbreak, just like any other black swan event before it, revealed systemic weaknesses ... Continue

Top Three Reasons Why Enterprise Blockchain Projects Fail

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Blockchain as a solution for the real estate sector

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Ethereum vs Enterprise Ethereum

Ethereum is one of the most widely used and influential blockchains present on the market today. However, for many enterprises, the Ethereum public blockchain is simply not a feasible platform on which to deploy a business network ... Continue